First blog post

Hey bloggers and readers,

Am going to be based on keeping a Godly and healthy relationship as a teen, young Adult and youth. Am going to be using this medium to talk on things we see happening in our society and the world as a whole. I hope as you follow through you would learn a lot from it.



    Ex-journalist leaves a great legacy

    Durban – Sipho Khumalo, a former political journalist at the Independent Media Group, has died. He was 59. At the time of his death, Khumalo was a spokesperson at the Department of Community Safety and Liaison.

    Khumalo’s career in the media industry spanned more than four decades. He was one of the founding members of the Association of Democratic Journalists and also a member of the Congress of South African Writers.

    Khumalo was also co-editor of New African and Concord News Agency. He was instrumental in establishing the-then Durban Newspaper Group, a collective of activist journalists during apartheid.

    He also worked as a bureau chief of the Sowetan newspaper and later joined the Independent Media Group. Khumalo was a keen sportsman.

    Lennox Mabaso, a family spokesperson, said Khumalo had left a great legacy as an excellent writer, media tutor and editor of repute.

    “He endeared himself among political players and news-makers for his hard questions, precise analysis and roasting interviews. He was a charismatic and articulate journalist who enjoyed a lot of respect in media circles.

    “He moulded a crop of journalists who occupy various positions in the media industry today,” said Mabaso.

    Khumalo is survived by his wife, Dolly Ngubane-Khumalo, his father, December Khumalo, his children and grandchildren.

    Open Opportunities

    A lot of youths are out there talking about no employment from the government and even the private owned companies are either not in need or workers or Payless.

    Why settle for less,why wait for the government or wait for connection when you can connect yourself and make your own money,there are a lot of people out there who started with just a penny and now earn millions and billions of money, you could start up a business be it Online or not.

    The issue is that nowadays we hardly see youths or even teenagers who are ready to go through some manual labour to make money or to earn a living, everyone wants a fast way of making money forgetting that the richest man in the world now started from somewhere before attaining all he has now and trust me when i say i wasn’t easy for him while climbing the ladder of success, you might met up with an obstacle,you might fall,you might get discouraged but one the thing is sure once you are determined,then you are surely going to make it big.

    A lot of the bloggers we have now that are popular now all started somewhere too but it was determination that took them to where they are now.

    Lastly, it is very important that you have God on your side, yes we might ask “those wealthy men did they have God on their side” well that is not for me to answer but I believe they had the knowledge of him and tried to follow his principles.

    What is the term Relationship all about and how Teenagers /Young Adult view it.

    Relationship according to the Oxford dictionary says it’s the condition of being related by blood or marriage, though this definition might seem so deep, on the other hand its self explanatory. Relationship is meant to be a thing that lead to marriage, it’s meant for matured minds, but unfortunately we see teens going into relationship for the fun of it or influence or pressure from friends.
    Teens and Youth see this as an opportunity to exploit all the girls and do things they have always wanted to do but couldn’t, which destroys their life unknowingly. Who says you can’t wait for the right time to come before doing any of those,the truth is as teens/youth we would like to explore, but in the process of exploring we damage our lives go beyond what we ought to do and ought not to do forgetting that we have a long journey ahead of us.
    We mostly see relationship as a medium to “know if we are romantic or not” according to some of us. But no thats where we all get it wrong, relationship especially teenage/young adult relationship shouldn’t be based on that it should better still be based on morals and other aspect and not the sexual aspect of it. I asked a guy one day in his early 20’s why he thinks people prefer to keep an ungodly relationship than a Godly one he said “ahhh the fun of a relationship is when sexual activities are involved”, with this you can see what most of us believe in which is a wrong believe. Any relationship that wouldn’t lead to marriage shouldn’t involve any intimacy even if it’s going to lead to marriage it shouldn’t still involve the intimacy till you are married to the guy,according to the bible “Bed undefiled” this saying goes for both genders not only the female.
    It is sad to know that 99.9% of the guys out there are non-virgins talking about the youths now, most of them see sex as a thing of pleasure and something that needs to be tried out before marriage in order for you be an expert in it, ohhh no they are getting the wrong message. Yes it is not written in the bible that teen/young adult relationship is a sin, but the rate at which a lot of us abuse this relationship of a thing is on the high side and if care is not taken we would experience high rate of unwanted pregnancy.
    The relationship we should have as a teen or young adult is a relationship on morals and other aspects like academics, spiritual growth and talk, encouraging purpose, assistance in other aspect and others. This type of relationship yields more beneficial things than the one that is built on sexual things and material things, ways to avoid being tempted always see each other in an open place, when you see talk about things that would benefit the two parties and not irrelevant things, the relationship should be known to everyone especially your parents to avoid any unwanted gossips or talk. Even as a teen/young adult if you feel you are matured in mind and other aspect and feel you are ready to go into a relationship you should have a layed down principles which has to be followed (this goes to both genders).its always good to be known by your principles it shows that you know what you are doing, and also tells the other party that you are not just an anyhow person.
    Some of us would ask why do some ungodly relationships yield marriage well my answer is your destiny is different from another persons own so you don’t expect what will work for Mr A work for Mr B or just because someone tried it and it worked doesn’t mean that if you try it your case would be the same, you could be very unlucky that it might lead to series of problem. So to be on a safer side and as a christian and a child of God the best relationship to have is a Godly relationship. NB: Relationships are not for immature minds and neither are they for small children.

    Dangers of ungodly relationship.

    A lot of us don’t look at the danger of keeping an unhealthy or ungodly relationship which makes us believe what we are doing is right, the following are the dangers:
    ● Unwanted pregnancy: Apart from rape being the cause of unwanted pregnancy, we can also say that a relationship that is built basically on sex could lead to pregnancy which stagnates the life of the girl.
    ● It leads to addiction: As we all know everything we do has a spirit behind it and so therefore we should be careful on the things we get involved in. For example, if we get involved in sexual immorality at our young age it gets to a point where we become addicted to it and see it as something we can’t live without, so avoid this we have to abstain from it.
    ● Making an unknown covenant and carrying a load heavier than yours: This is a serious one, this has to do with the having of sex. It is dangerous because the act sex is an act of covenant which can’t be broken that is why is meant for married couples and not the young ones, but now aday it is meant for anyone which is wrong because no one knows what he/she is carrying in the body and then the person keeps on passing it to anyone he/she sleeps with. Lets take this scenerio: a bike removes a part of a train and adds it to itself, the bike hasn’t damaged the train neither has it made it to stop moving fast,the thing is that the train would still move faster and the bike would move even slower than before. This applies to us we do not know what the other person has and the moment you have sex with the person you start sharing part of the persons problem and vise versa and it goes on and on like that.
    ● Its a sin against God: Most of us believe we are too young and that whatever we do cant be counted as sin to God, but no the moment we start talking and growing older whatever we do against his will is noted as sin and it hinders a lot of things, and as a christian and a child of God we should be founding doing things that displeases him. Though it might not be written in the bible that its a sin but we should know that what is not pleasing or against his will is a sin, so to avoid sinning we need to keep a Godly relationship.

    Results of a Godly relationship.

    As there are dangers of ungodly relationship, there are the good aspect of keeping a Godly relationship and not a compromising Godly relationship.
    ● It keeps the devil away from our relationship: This is so because once the relationship is built on Godly things and for good benefits also if the two parties are always not found in secret places, with the fear of God in them nothing ungodly would come into the relationship.
    ● It yields good fruit: This is the best part of keeping a Godly relationship because, they will both benefit from each other in a good way (intellectual benefit, spiritual benefit, academic benefit etc.)and such relationships are likely to last longer than the one based on other things.